Frequently Asked Questions on Stem Cell Therapy

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Why do your stem cell specialist's use Human Term Placenta Stem Cells (HTPSCs) as opposed to umbilical cord blood, fat cells from the same sick person or cells from discarded embryos or aborted fetuses?

Our method is allogenic by nature, which means the tissue/cells are donated from a person and used in another person (human to human). Why do we recommend this method? Because HTPSCs are:

The tissue/cells are maintained fresh and only 9 month old (pregnancy time) and not whatever the age of the patients old cells.

These cells are genetically new which means lots of telomerase activity-anti-aging enzyme that keeps cells from degenerating and dying - Non rejectable given their lack of surface antigens that would identify them as foreign.

They have strong immune-modulating properties in other words they balance our own body defense system. That makes them suitable to deal with many conditions effectively and side effects free.

The genetic expression as embryonic without coming from an embryo and they are still multi potent (capable of forming different kinds of tissues). Also the method is ethically and morally acceptable.

They are sterile and responsibly collected and stored.

No need to perform any invasive procedure to the already sick patient in order to collect their own cells for the therapy.

This method is beyond just a plain stem cell therapy since along with the HTPSCs there are lots of growth factors, immune-modulating peptides and proteins in physiological levels. Telomerase etc.

Our specialist's been using this method for over 20 years and without saying that they are miraculous they do have a place in the regenerative medicine world since they work !  Over 3,000 patients successfully treated.

Are the cells pure and free of disease?

Certainly. The tissue is tested extensively and is confirmed to be sterile. We use a certified laboratory to perform testing above and beyond what it is required to make sure there is no bacterial or viral contamination. These tests include HIV in three modalities; Hepatitis B and C; Toxoplasmosis; Citomegalovirus; Syphilis; Rubella and even Borrelia (Lyme Disease). Our Medical Director controls and monitors the whole process so there is no doubt he is going to provide only the best material with the best processes.

How many cells will you be using?

Some clinics “sell” their treatment by the amount of cells they inject. In our center we use different protocols according to the disease and it is usually decided after the initial evaluation before the appointment. In that evaluation one of the main three protocols is chosen and the dosage is discussed then.

Where do you get your cells from?

Our specialists had his own method to collect, process and deliver the HTPSCs. Since it is a trade secret, it is not openly published.

How soon can the treatment be done?

Usually around 4 weeks after the patient is accepted as a good candidate for the therapy and the family agrees that it is the best choice for them.

How long does it take to complete the therapy?

We are proud to say that our method can be applied in a 3 to 4 hrs visit to our center. Most of our patients come from different location and countries so they usually stay for two nights/three days in a nice hotel in Texas.

How often is this treatment needed?

It depends on the condition. For anti-aging you can do it between six months to a year. For severe conditions the timings are discussed with our medical director at the time of the initial consultation.

How long does it take before there's a noticeable improvement?

It depends on the severity of the condition but usually the patient starts to notice a difference the first night. Then the patient sleeps better or more the first week. That might be misinterpreted as fatigue but it has to do with being more relaxed. The skin color improves within a few days. The energy starts to improve after a week. The drive to do things, the stamina, the interest in life, per se, increases day by day as the weeks go by. In degenerative processes it is very important to incorporate other resources in order to get the most out of the treatment. So we do recommend physical therapy; the best nutrition; friends and family’s commitment to support the patient desire to improve

Are medical records needed such as MRI, or a CAT Scan?

Yes, we will direct you where to send your medical records once you are approved for treatment.

The more resources we have to validate the improvements derived from this therapy, the better. If a condition can be measured before and after that is great.

Is there any other kind of preparation needed?

If you are taking blood thinners or if you are allergic to any medication you need to tell us ahead of time.

We are committed to giving you only realistic expectations. In order for the whole process to be successful you need to:

Be clear of what you can and can’t expect from the therapy. Some people think of a stem cell therapy as a panacea that is going to miraculously cure everything and everybody and that is simply not right.

Even though we have successfully treated over 3,000 patients, our Specialists are very careful not to over-promise. Recommendations are based on previous experience with other patients to predict what is going to happen with any given patient or condition.  

At OHRC we are committed to transparency and honesty so when we are accepting a new condition to be treated, it is openly discussed and stated.

The basic idea of this treatment is to slow down, and sometimes reverse the aging process in our body. As you know, everybody has -according to his or her genetic load and environmental exposure- different ways of aging based in the organ or systems that are affected first. For some people it is the eyes (macular degeneration), for some it is the brain cortex (dementia) or other parts of the brain (Parkinson’s). Some people the joints are attacked (arthritis); others the immune system is defective (autoimmune conditions); sometimes it is an organ like the heart, kidneys or the liver that is aging due to a particular or added condition that speeds up the aging process like diabetes, smoking or alcohol abuse.

Why do we say this treatment slows down or reverses in some degree the aging process?

Because of that we explained before that our unique method involves making it possible for the body to have available: HTPSCs, growth factors, immune system modulators and hormones the same way you had when you where a lot younger and healthier.

So, when you understand the nature of the therapy, you know what to expect and from that we can tell you from many years of experience that most people are satisfied with the outcome of the treatment.

What is the cost of the treatment?

Please contact our patient advocate for a personalized quote for your treatment.

Does it include accommodations and transportation?

The ground transportation is handled by our center and it covers the transportation starting from picking you up at the hotel, taking you to the office in Mexico and back to the hotel.  Accommodations are also included in most packages.

Will you take care of travel arrangements?

You will need to arrange your own air travel. If you have special needs and wish to arrange ground transportation, please send the flight information to OHRC as soon as possible as to have the transportation and scheduling ready for you.

Will a representative meet me at the airport?

Yes. One of our representatives will meet you when you arrive

Method of Payment

We currently accept cash and preferably wire transfer for safety purposes.
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