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 Cerebral Palsy

A letter by mother of a child with Cerebral Palsy:

Maria and I are going to see Daddy (this is how we call our PST Specialist) on Decmber 1 - 8. Those are our arrival and departure dates.

Maria had surpassed a year now. This is going to be her 3rd treatment and we are planning a treatment in the future every 4 months(rather than every 6 months).

My daughter is 19 years old and from lying flat on her back and not initiating movements in a desired direction, now she is creeping where and when she decides, without my motivating her. The latest we do is she walks pushing with her palms on my hands(I am behind her and making the steps with her helping with the transfer of balance from one leg to the other and shifting of her weight properly while we walk).

One thing, in addition to the treatments, I have done is: I stopped her from school, therapies and I keep her under my eyes so I can monitor all progress and further establish structure in her brain and daily life. No school, no therapist can do that, only you as Mom.

Thinking of the money paid for the treatment and it (the treatment) being the saviour of our lives (giving her mobility and improving her and my life quality), I decided that I cannot afford to have someone decide where her progress stops and create a mess of our lives and destroy all our best effort and progress.

I am not aware what is the level of injury of your child but you are to decide what to do after the treatment. My daughter has a serious brain injury at birth, born in asphyxia athetoid CP, quadriplegia.

Since the first treatment Maria has received she has grown, increased mobility and improved on all aspects of brain development.

I will have one big problem to overcome, but this I will discuss with the doctor again in December: some asymetrical movements on the level of basal ganglia (primitive) that are hard to overcome when the highest level (cortical) is the controling one(like in the case of my daughter.

Anyway for my daughter the placenta stem cell therapy has been the greatest contribution to the steady improvement in the mobilty of my child. Mobility brings all the rest we parents dream for to have our children being able to acquire.
Answering to your question to go or not for the therapy?, my answer is to go. Miracles happen only if you have the right people to help you make the miracle happen.

I hope this helps. I know it is hard to make a decision when the well- being of your treasure (your child) is involved. Then comes the financial decision because we are used to having some gov. benefits for our disabled children.

I personally have gone through a lot before we met our PST specialist (such as child abuse at the child care facility Maria was attending in 2005. Those were people I was supposed to trust because they sold me a bag of goods backed by DSHS. Then finding my child in respiratory distress at school. Loosing her on the way to the ER stopping at the fire-station to rescucitate and intubate her. Seeing her vanishing from 100 to 72 lbs. This all happening after wasting a lot of time and energy to establish a special  medical protocol which should have been followed,part of her IEP-simple call 911 if... What if I did not go there that day????

Having being defyed in so many cruel ways by the people that were supposed to care, well for me it just clicked my child was crossed out as being never able to function on the "proper" level and those people were paid "to pretend they cared". In fact I figured out that the school system is thinking I should be greatful to them for they are giving me a break during the hours Maria was at school.

I have realized that no one loves my child more than I do and having said that no one will take better care of my child than me.

I myself look differently at my life.

If I had a child developmently perfect I would be buying cars and insurances, and things that once they are in the possession of my child i will live through the nightmare of worries for the consequences they could have using each object I purchased ( injuries,car accidents, etc).

Somehow God has decided for me that I should be blessed with a helpless brain injured child who will be relying only on my daily good judgement for its life needs. So rather than buying cars I buy treatments, and equipment, and staff that will facilitate and help the mobility progress. I, as you are now have gone through the same dilemas, to do it not to do it. It sounds a bit like hamlet- TO BE OR NOT TO BE.(Mobility has been my primary goal: yours may be something else).
One of my best judgements was taking her to receive the PST treatment.

I cannot give you an assurance what this treatment will do for your child.

I wish you good luck in resolving your dilemma!
God bless you and your child!


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Cerebral Palsy with Placenta Stem Cell Treatment

Katy is six years old and had her first placental stem cell therapy in June 2008 - one month ago.

When Katy was born we were told that she was rigid and she has spent the last six years undergoing conventional medical treatments that have left her traumatized. Doctors tell us there is nothing they can do but give her medications to keep her comfortable.

Because of the negligent practices in the labor and delivery room, Katy has multiple disabilities including CP, quadriplegia, dystonia / spasticity, epilepsy, scoliosis, cortical vision impairment and developmental delay. She has the functioning capacity of a newborn.

Besides conventional medicine, Katy has also had alternative therapies in many modalities. I must say that the alternative therapies have been more productive particularly hyperbaric oxygen therapy, than anything else.

We had considered stem cell therapy for several years but had not proceeded with it because of death and trauma surrounding the “embryonic stem cells” which are being used by other doctors. When we found PST used only placental stem cells, we had no doubts about undergoing the placental stem cell procedure.

It has been only a month since Katy received PST. In that very short time, she has blossomed physically. She is so much more attentive and present. Her seizure activity and spasticity have diminished significantly; she is trying to talk; she is so much more relaxed. She is eating more and sleeping much better. She initiates pushing herself around on a home-made scooter as well as her bean bag. Her body responds more readily to OT and PT. Small steps to some; but enormous gains to us.

Katy's Mom

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I thank god every day we met you!!!

First Placenta Stem Cell Treatment

I'm writing to tell you how happy and grateful my family and I are. William has become a different little boy in such a short time. It’s been less than three weeks since he received the placenta stem cell therapy and we are already seeing results. William was always cold even when it was very hot outside. The first week after the PST William started to sweat like a normal boy. I think sweating and the reduced spasticity were the first changes we saw on William. Before treatment, William would do nothing. I could lay him in a personal bed all day long and he would be in the same position and he had no head control what so ever. Also, his left arm was contracted all the time.

One Month After the First Placenta Stem Cell Treatment

Well, William is not only trying to roll but he is trying to sit up. When he is put in different positions he can sit up to a minute by himself. Not only can he sit up, he is holding his head up by himself. Also, his left arm, which he had always contracted and did not use, is now less contracted. We can't wait to see what else he is going to do next, I will keep you informed and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Three Months After the First Placenta Stem Cell Treatment

I am so happy with William's progress. It has been less than three months since William had PST and William has made more progress than he has in ten years. I never expected for the treatment to work so fast. I'm looking at William now and I don't see a disabled child anymore. I know now that he is going to walk and talk and he is going to be better sooner than I expected. He started to ride his bike with my help and he was so happy. The first week after receiving implants, William's seizures were gone. He is still seizure free, thank you. I thank god every day we met you. You gave us new hope and a better future for our son William. Thank you.

Miami, FL

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Seizures * Stroke * Anti-Aging
Placenta Stem Cell Treatment (PST)

I have always been a fast paced individual with a varied background in management positions.  At the age of 35 I began having seizures.  I was referred to several facilities and was examined by numerous physicians and have spent many thousands of dollars trying to find a cause, none has ever been found.  In 1991 I had a stroke that left me quite limited in my mobility and very limited in my speech pattern. I was in this stage for approximately one and half years. I had to leave my position as Manager of a senior retirement resort, a job that I had held for four years.

In 1993 my husband who had sever arthritis and was in extremely poor health, was referred to treatment with acupuncture. After  a few treatments for my husband,  the doctor became interested in my condition and asked to do PST to see if  he could improve my condition.  I received my first PST treatment and with-in a few days I was amazed at the improvement in my kidney function, my energy level soared, my speech pattern returned to normal with-in three weeks and with-in five weeks I had full mobility of my limbs.  With-in 6 weeks I went back to work full time at my old job, Manager of the senior resort where we reside.  I was later promoted to Regional Manager and had the responsibility of six Retirement resorts, which required me to be available seven days a week on call twenty four hours a day.

I am seizure free, and was able to reduce my medicine intake in half.  I receive PST every six to seven months and have acupuncture apx. twice a month for over all health. I am thankful to God for bringing PST in my life, between the two I have the quality of life that I was meant to have.
Wallena R. Hayne

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 Anti-Aging for Arthritis, Prostrate and Poor Health

I had been treated for severe arthritis, prostrate and poor health for several years.  I was always given strong medication which either gave me little relief and kept my stomach upset.  I was also so tired and lifeless that I could only work for a couple of hours and have to rest and the pain was also a great handicap. 

Former PST Patients referred me to the PST Clinic to see if I could be helped.  I was treated with acupuncture for the arthritis and after three treatments I was able to lift my arms over my head which in its self was a miracle, I had not been able to lift my arm without severe pain in quite a long time.

My skin color was gray and pasty and I had problems with my kidneys.  The PST specialist counseled with me about the PST procedure, he was confident that it would a very positive effect on my condition.  At this point in my life I had given up on any hope of a miracle that would improve my health and had resigned myself to being and old man in a rocking chair awaiting my expiration.

The day I had my first implant the doctor could have cut my throat and I could have cared less, he asked me if I was practicing relaxation because of my total relaxed attitude.  In less than ten days my kidneys were functioning like my younger days. The gray color disappeared and in its place I once again my skin color was pink and rosy from the improved circulation.   With-in a few weeks my sense of well being returned  to the point that my self confident returned and I was able to continue with my earlier activities such as; riding motorcycles, and flight instruction.  The improved texture of my skin hides the fact that I am a very active seventy five year young man. 

Needless to say I continue to receive PST on a regular basis to maintain the optimum health benefits that are received from this procedure.  PST actually saved my life and I have recommended this to all of my friends and all that I meet that are in less than desirable health.

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 Muscular Dystrophy

We can not thank you enough!

My friend Alice is 42 years old and has had MD since she was 7 or 8. She started having muscle problems and at the age of 19 or 20, struggled to walk and finally a wheel chair was welcomed.

Alice found out about your clinic 7 months ago and decided to pursue this treatment. Alice had been suffering with very weak lungs and had quite a few bouts in and out of the hospital. She wasn't improving and the medicine caused asthma and pain attacks.

In May of this year, Alice received PST and since then she has gotten progressively better and stronger. Her lungs have improved a lot. When she visited you she could not expectorate mucous and bacteria especially from the right lung. Alice no longer takes any medicine for this condition other than vitamins. She feels so much better, stronger and looks good. She has gained weight, her face is fuller and her color has come back and her circulation has improved. Before receiving PST she was too weak to exercise but can now exercise as part of her daily routine and is able to make crafts which helps support her. She hasn't been to the hospital once since her PST treatment.

Alice's brother Clarence also suffers with Limb Girdle MD. He was also around 7 years old when he started to have symptoms. At 14 years of age, the weakness became much more severe and around 18 years old he started loosing muscle mass. He became so thin he was literally skin over bone. After taking only one PST treatment he has gained 8 pounds, his arms are gaining mass, his face is fuller, he is experiencing more energy, he feels stronger and his sense of balance has improved. His appetite has improved and his digestion is much better.

Clarence can still climb the stairs in his home with some help. His goal is to get stronger and stronger and get back to running again. He and Alice will be taking a second round of PST in the fall and we will continue to report their progress.

Alice and Clarence's mother also received PST. She is 71 and was also starting to slow down. She had pain in her shoulders, bad circulation and her foot was always cold. She now has no pain in the shoulders, her circulation has improved and her energy is really good.

I found out about the Placenta Stem Cell Therapy about the same time the family did. Over the years I kept telling them that I felt there was going to be a way for them to conquer muscular dystrophy and I feel PST has been the doorway for them. We can not thank you enough!

Deanne of Indiana

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 Multiple Sclerosis

I had the procedure Tuesday, December 6 2011.

Immediately there were positive results, I was able to rotate my right ankle (where I hadn’t been able to before). For the first couple days my bladder had worse issues than before, not emptying well. These resolved back to what I was used to in a few days. The next day after the procedure, I had a headache with slight double vision, an MS symptom I had heard of but never had. But then I started to notice that my face, formerly very stiff on the right side, was starting to loosen up. And my hand, which had been very stiff, was loosening. And my walking was a lot better. And I hadn’t had air hunger since the procedure. I could lift my leg higher, and my foot didn’t drop so much. I had commonly choked quite a bit on liquids, it was much better. I was still getting 6 hours of sleep, but I was encouraged. In the first week I had a headache 3 days out of seven, with attendant issues in balance, heavy body, trouble moving with core muscles. But on the other days I could see improvement. It has now been 9 days. No more headaches, I think that was just the new cells settling in. I have many improvements.
Better balance, I can stand up without holding onto anything.
Even walk by myself without holding on to my husband or a cane for a short distance. 

Raise my leg enough to get in the truck without moving it with my hands. 

My circulation seems to be improving, since my foot and leg aren’t getting so cold and discolored. 

I walk better, without as much of a limp. 

It’s easier to move in general. 

No air hunger, or any kind of trouble breathing. 

The color in my face is better, so much that friends have remarked on it (that’s how I know). 

I am not in bed all the time but am up and about 

I got 7 ½ unbroken hours of sleep last night I am excited to see what the future will bring.

Laura Pino

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Another Experience of PST MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS:

Karen Bruce Progress Report September 2007

I'm a 52-year-old patient of the placenta stem cell therapy (PST) with Multiple Sclerosis, diagnosed 21 years ago. I also have uveitis, an inflammation of the vitreous fluid in my eye, for about 23 years. I am able to walk, but require an electric scooter for longer distances. Fatigue and spasticity are predominant symptoms.

I initially received PST in May of 2006. Improvements included a decrease in spasticity and fatigue, increased coordination, more strength, improved gait and improvements in my vision. Some improvements diminish over time so I go back for PST about every 9 months.

There are some improvements that remain fairly stable. My left hand coordination was very poor before my first visit. Now I have better dexterity and movement in my left hand and that has stayed fairly constant since my first visit. I have been to the clinic 3 times now. Also I used to visit my eye MD every 3 months and he would inject steroids into my eye. Now I see him once a year and get no injections.

On my last visit in September 2007 I received the usual treatments but additionally had some PST focused in my legs. I believe this has helped me.  My drop foot on my left side has improved and I can walk on my tiptoes, which I have not been able to do for years. This is only after 2 weeks so I believe I will improve even more.

Karen Bruce

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with Placenta Stem Cell Therapy

Stan's diagnose is chronic progressive MS.  He is in a wheelchair and is quadriplegic due to the illness.
Until April 06 he was unable to hold his head up or move his neck, he had very little energy, unable to speak, and his voluntary breathing was very limited.  The 1st treatment with PST was in May 06, and he has had 2 more treatments since then. We have seen the following improvements: gained strength in the neck area and is now able to hold his head and regained about 30% of mobility in the neck area, increased overall energy, regained some voluntary breathing and with it about 3% of voice. Able to move 2 fingers in left hand. Overall his outlook to life has improved as he is seeing his body responding the treatment. Our PST specialist is a caring doctor who treats his patients with love and respect.
Te agradezco mucho todo lo que has echo por nosotros.
Un saludo muy afectuoso,


Nov 21, 2007 - UPDATE

Apreciado Doctor,

En este dia de Thanksgiving quiero darte las gracias por todo lo que has echo por mi querido esposo y queria darte un update. Por favor publica lo que quieras en tu pagina web.  Tenemos planeado volver en el 2008, espero poderte decir las fechas en Diciembre. Un abrazo muy carinyoso, MR.

We first came to your office in May 2006. Stan's MS conditon was rampant and had been progressively deteriorating for the last 6 years. He had no trunk control, unable to hold his head, constant drooling, unable to speak or make noise, unable to clear his throat, unable to cough, very little stamina nearly none. The first time we came from Seattle to Southeast Texas was a huge undertaking. Our day to day life was extremely limited and we were only able to venture to destinations very close from our home and for a limited time expand of 2 hours or less as immediate he would have to go back to bed.

Three treatments later Stan is able to hold and turn his head. He is able to manage the tilt function of his wheelchair with his head, he is getting his voice back, he is able to make noises to get attention, and also able to clear his throat. He is able to cough. Most importantly is his energy; we're able to go on a public bus and be away from home for a 5 to 6 hours expand. Even though when we get back he is tired his recovery time is down to 30 minutes to one hour.  His trunk is getting stronger. He is now able to stay on his wheelchair on a 90 degree angle for a limited time, before, he would be have fallen over as the chair had always had to be tilted.
Rosa Artés

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 Spina Bifida

Success Story of PST Treatment

A day at the beach with my baby cousin.

My name is Amanda Fellars. I am 27 years old, and I have been a patient of PST since I was in Junior High. Our PST specialist is a wonderful person, and an amazing doctor. I was born with Spina Bifida. I have had 50 major surgeries, and countless hospital visits, but since PST has come into my life I don't have to have quite so many doctor visits. I was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari (which means I have deposits of spinal fluid collecting) in my neck. The physicians at Baylor Medical said there was no other option but to surgically remove them when I could no longer take the pain. At this time I started some PST treatments, and since I have yet to have to go back to Baylor and while the deposits will never go away. They are no longer an issue.

I was also recently informed that I have a problem with my adrenal glands which causes me to lose potassium. Back in February I was put in ICU for the low potassium. We did lots of testing and it all came back the same, until I went back for additional PST and within a week my potassium was at its highest 4.0...

My story is complicated and on going, but for anyone who needs just that extra boost to get your health to where it should be. Look no further than Placenta Stem Cell Therapy (PST) because it is a one of a kind. My doctor is one who cares, and wants to see all his patients succeed. He has worked with some amazing patients and we all have our own story of how he helped us, but he has accomplished goals with all of his patients that we ourselves started to believe couldn't happen. When you go to the [regular medical] doctor, and you hear that this will never change or that there is no hope. You start to believe it, but with my PST specialist there is no giving in or giving up. It's how do we fix it.

I still have my aches and pains, but with PST I believe that I can accomplish anything, and I have already beaten the odds. So to everyone reading this what's your story, and are you a believer in miracles? Because that's what PST is, it's my miracle.
Amanda Fellars

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 Cancer Treatment
with Placenta Stem Cell Therapy

My PST physician  is a doctor in the fullest sense of the word - one who is compassionate and caring along with a generous, listening heart.


Ten years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after surgery in the U.S. I began having PST  twice year. To this day I am cancer free, thanks to God, the generosity of my stem cell speicialist and the PSC therapy.

Miter Valve Prolapse:

Twenty -seven years ago I was told that I had miter valve prolapse.  This was discovered through an ecocardiogram. I have had two  more ecocardiograms since I began having placenta implants  and neither of the two revealed any sign of miter valve prolapse.  This does not prove conclusively that I no longer have this condition. However, there is the   strong possibility  that I no longer have miter valve prolapse due to the placenta implants.  (Cardiologists have told me that miter valve prolapse is not always detected by an

Heel Spur:

Several years ago I had a painful spur on my heel.  One acupuncture and a laser treatment was all it took to correct he problem. The pain has never returned.

Immune System:

I know that my immune system is strengthened as the result of PST.  I have not had a cold nor have I had the flu for more than ten years.  My energy level is high - I am 74 years old and  I do a full day's work and have energy to spare!  Without a doubt,  I recommend PST for any physical problem you may have.

Ever grateful,
Sister Frances Solum
Rio Grande City, TX

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Another Cancer Treatment experience
with Placenta Stem Cell Treatment (PST)


I, Peggy Seagrist, started receiving PST in 1998.  I had basically given up on life after being diagnosed with breast cancer and a masticated tumor in my stomach (this was my third bout with cancer) as well as having arthritis. The doctor recommended PST after several sessions with acupuncture.  I received my first PST treatment and began feeling better, but it is a process of time to heel.  After six months I went in for a second PST treatment and after three or four months, I went in for another mammogram and was CANCER FREE.  
The need for the PST became further apart. The PST not only freed me from cancer, but my mental well being has done a completed 360.  I truly believe that I owe my life to my PST specialist and the wonderful work he performs.  He is a true savior and will always be considered a dear friend.

Doctor's note:
Our services are not meant to replace conventional medicine, these therapies are used with conventional medicine to give you the best of both.

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 Kidney-Nephrotic Syndrome

Hard to believe but that is what happened!!!

My name is Diana Salinas and I'm 51 years old. When I was 32 years old I was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome (Glomerulonephrytis Proliferating Type II) diagnosed with a Kidney biopsy. Protein was lost through my urine. Up to 7,000 mgs of protein in a 24 hrs collection. I was very sick with edema all over my body including my lungs. I took 100 mgs of steroids for years. The nephrologists expected that I would be in dialysis and/or have a kidney transplant in 4 or 5 years regardless of whether I had therapy or not.

My PST stem Cell treatments began in 1992 and I started to improve gradually and my urine protein started to decline. My doctors in Houston told me to keep doing what I was doing. My doctors are amazed that my blood tests show that my kidney function is normal. My protein in the urine is 85 mgs in 24 hrs ( normal range up to 150 mgs). I'm so thankful that I decided to do this PST technique. I can consider my self cured or at least in total remission. No steroids, normal urine protein, no edema, with my own kidneys that work perfectly. I know it is hard to believe but that is what happened.

Diana Salinas

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It has improved my life in many ways.

My name is Lew Hollander and I am a 77 year old scientist (physicist). Thus far, I have had two iPST treatments administered at the clinic. I feel the procedure has improved my vision, mental acuity, hearing and general health. I do long distance events, such as the Hawaii Ironman. This keeps me in touch with my physical condition and my abilities. This year was my 18th Hawaii Ironman finish. I was the oldest finisher. My first one was in 1985, where I finished in 15 hours and 47 minutes. This year I finished in 15 hours and 46 minutes. One minute faster, 22 years later. I believe the Placenta Stem Cell Therapy is a real advancement in Anti-Aging technology. It has improved my life in many ways.

Lew Hollander

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